Festival Awards & Prizes

20th Third Eye Asian Film Festival

Asia is the world’s largest continent. It is also the world’s most diverse- in cultural and artistic traditions. As such Asia presents rich and multitudinous themes for the cinematic creations. Many Asian countries today have a proud and well developed tradition in the Film making. India itself is a prime example. We produce the largest number of films each year in various regional languages.
Vision: Asian Film Foundation has taken initiative to create adequate awareness and appreciation of Asian Cinema. Third Eye Asian Film Festival is a major event organised by Asian Film Foundation to showcase Asian Cinema and honour the artists who devote their life to Cinema.
The first Third Eye Asian Film Festival was held on August 3, 2002. Asian Film Festival is being organized in Mumbai for the last nineteen year with the support from Government of Maharashtra.
The entries for the films in various categories to be screened in the festival are invited from Asian countries. Selected films will be officially announced on the website of Asian Film Foundation.

Festival Section

  • Spectrum Asia (Non Competitive)
  • Contemporary Indian Cinema – (Competitive)
  • Contemporary Marathi Cinema - (Competitive)
  • Country Focus
  • Retrospective

  • Awards & Prizes
    Competition Sections and Awards

    Indian Cinema Competition Awards

  • Best Film – Cash Prize, Certificate and Trophy
  • Best Director- Certificate and Trophy
  • Best Actor [Male] - Certificate and Trophy
  • Best Actor [Female] - Certificate and Trophy
  • Contemporary Marathi Cinema Competition Awards

  • Best Film- Cash Prize, Certificate and Trophy
  • Best Director- Certificate and Trophy
  • Best Actor [Male] - Certificate and Trophy
  • Best Actor [Female] - Certificate and Trophy
  • Asian Film Culture Award

    This award is conferred to eminent director from Asian Country.
    Certificate and Trophy

    Satyajit Ray Memorial Award

    This award is conferred to a Film Society activist and artist who has contributed to spread film culture in India.
    Certificate and Trophy

    Late Sudhir Nandgaonkar Memorial Award for Film Critic in India Cash Prize, Certificate and Trophy

    Rules & Terms

  • Last date of Submissions via Film Freeway is 31st October 2023. For Online submission of entries please login into www.filmfreeway.com
  • All the films in given categories must be completed after August 2022.
  • The minimum Duration of the Film should be more than 70 mins.
  • The Films other than English language must have English Subtitles.
  • After submission of entries, kindly check your Film Freeway account to make sure that your submission is correct, and it meets our requirements. Until and unless participant entries will not be considered valid.
  • Filmmakers can send multiple numbers of entries with separate entry forms and fees.
  • NOC from Filmmaker of selected film for downloading & screening during Asian Film Festival is mandatory.
  • Entry Fees is non - refundable.
  • All the Officially selected films must use Asian Festival’s Laurel Icon on their promotional materials like Print Media, Digital & Social Media etc.
  • Participants of Selected films will receive a confirmation email from Asian Film Festival.
  • Once the film is submitted it cannot be withdrawn under any reason or circumstances.
  • Expenses will be taken care by participants only, which is related to their film. For Example; Courier Expense, Promotion of the film and its promotional material etc.
  • Locations and Dates of Screenings will be informed by Asian Film Festival upon final selection of films.
  • All the decisions about Selection of Films, Locations & Dates for Screening will be taken by Official Selection Committee.
  • Only online screeners will be accepted as preview material.
  • Preview Screener Deadline: 31st October 2023
  • For International films, where no proof of completion date is available, the date of the first theatrical screening will be considered.
  • For all Indian films the date on the certificate issued by the Central Board of Film Certification will be considered. If no certificate is available, a signed affidavit on Rs. 200 Stamp Paper stating date of completion of film will be considered. Theatrical screening dates will not apply to Indian Films. Censor certificate/affidavit should be submitted while applying.
  • Films or revised version of films submitted in a previous of the festival will not be considered for inclusion in the festival.
  • For all films without a Certification from the CBFC, the Festival will apply for an exemption to the I&B Ministry, Government of India, for the period of the Festival. The film will be screened subject to receiving this exemption.
  • Regarding Indian Films, the producer can produce a CBFC Certificate within a stipulated time given by the festival failing which the film will be removed from the festival.
  • The Festival Director has a special right to waive any condition for participation in the festival.
  • Decision of the Jury panel will be final.